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Hi, my name is Simone Taylor, I started Tailored Botanical out of my passion for gardening. I am based on the Eastern Shore of Hobart, and propagate plants that are suitable to that local environment.  I want to encourage everyone to give gardening a try and garden as sustainably as they can. 


From beginners to seasoned gardeners, I can help you find the right plant for every place in your garden.  


My Store contains a diverse selection of perennials, annual, grasses and natives, all of which are constantly changing. Make sure to visit the Online Store to discover the right plants for you.

At Tailored Botanical I focus on growing those harder to find plants for everyone to grow in their own garden. 


My plant selection includes; a large selection of perennials, cut flower varieties, grasses, bulbs and natives, specialising in climate appropriate plants for, cottage and cutting gardens or a naturalistic style of planting. These are seasonally grown and available for select periods throughout the year.

My Qualifications & Experience


I have a background in Science and have recently studied a Certificate 3 in Horticulture. My passion is for successional plantings used in a Naturalistic style. Gardening has been a big part of the life for over 30 years and I can provide advice on the best plants for your individual needs. 

My Horticultural Values and Principles

I propagate healthy plants with an emphasis on sustainable and organic principals.  Using an Integrated Pest Management approach in the nursery focussing on physical and biological control. 

Sustainable Approaches

A big focus for me is to eliminate single use plastic at Tailored Botanical.  The materials used for my potting mix are purchased plastic free. All plants are propagated with the use of no new plastics in their production. All plastic pots and trays are purchased second hand and used over and over. Plants are then sold in 75mm or 100mm newspaper pots. Customers are asked to bring their own reusable box or bag to carry their plants home.


Please feel free to browse the Shop page for the unique selection of available plants for yourself, and the Back Catalogue page to be notified of the availability of plants out of season.

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